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Crucial words for your child's growth

A crucial aspect of parenting is the importance of communication between parents and children. Now, let's put that theory into practice and explore some of the most valuable and effective phrases that every parent should use.

Here are a few things your child needs to hear:

"I believe in you": Children need to know that they have the support and belief of the adults in their lives. Telling your child that you believe in them boosts their confidence and helps them to feel capable and independent.

"You can do it": Children need to be encouraged to try new things and to persevere through challenges. Encourage your child to believe in their own abilities and to be persistent in their pursuits.

✔️ "Let's find out together": Children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Encourage their curiosity by exploring the world together, asking questions, and discovering new things.

✔️ "I love you (even when I don't approve of what you did)": It is important to clearly communicate to your child that you love and accept them, while addressing and correcting their undesirable actions. At times, this may require directly stating "I love you, but I am not pleased with what you have done."

For example:

Instead of saying "You drive me crazy," try saying "This behavior is really frustrating." ✔️

Instead of "You're so rude," say "That was an impolite and unkind remark." ✔️

Instead of "I need you to stop being so lazy," say "It’s important that you work hard on this.” ✔️

When a child is struggling emotionally, they may experience overwhelming and confusing feelings that they cannot comprehend. A parent or trusted adult can provide valuable support by helping the child identify, label, and process their emotions. It's important to remember that there are no incorrect feelings and a child's emotions are their own. When expressed, they should be taken seriously. For younger children, simple vocabulary is used, such as "You look upset". As children grow older, a more sophisticated approach can be taken, such as "This is a challenging situation. Are you feeling anxious or angry about it?" ✔️

In conclusion, the right kind of language and communication can have a profound impact on a child's development and sense of self. By encouraging independence, creativity, and a love of learning, and by affirming your child's unique qualities and abilities, you can help your child thrive happily in this world.

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