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Give your child the gift of reading and watch their imagination soar

The art of joyful reading facilitates language improvement, strong vocabulary, creative thinking and writing, communication abilities etc. To foster a love of reading in children, it is important to start reading to them from a very early age, even before birth. As soon as a child is born, we can begin reading to them.

Having a home library: Children's books should be treasured and read repeatedly, making them perfect to own and cherish. Ensure easy access to books so that your child can easily browse through a variety of stories and illustrations. Filling your child's environment with high-quality literature will ensure that their childhood memories are forever intertwined with the stories and pictures they love.

The power of reading together: There is nothing quite like reading together when the day has been filled with tantrums, or sibling rivalries. In these moments, reading to children can be a small salvation for us all.

Reading to a child who can read: Even when your child can read independently, it is still important to read to them and at their reading level. Children are often able to understand a much higher level of plot and vocabulary than they can read independently. This is a great opportunity for daily interaction, introducing them to advanced texts and opening up conversations about difficult moral issues. Don't underestimate your children, stay with them.

Make it a habit for your child to go to library: Library has all the resources that your child can explore and benefit from. He will have the opportunity to go through the different genres of books and borrow them of his choice without spending a penny on it.

Avoid "Learning to Read" books: You may be eager for your child to learn how to read and recognise letters and sounds, so you may be tempted to sit down with the simplest "learning to read book" you can find and try to get your child to pronounce every word. However, I would advise against this. In such books, the beauty of an interesting story is often lost due to the usage of short sentences and an excessive use of monosyllabic words. Instead, you should aim to instill a love of books by ensuring that reading remains about engaging stories and relaxing togetherness.

Making reading a joyful experience: In our home, reading is not seen as a major milestone, but rather a beloved part of family time for all of us. Of course, there may still be some resistance or reluctance at times, but books are here to stay, to teach us, to connect us, to inspire and delight us, and to see us through.

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