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Montessori Materials Spotlight - Thermic Tablets

Montessori education emphasises the importance of sensorial learning for young children. Sensorial materials are designed to provide children with a hands-on, sensory experience that promotes exploration and learning. One of the key sensorial materials in Montessori education is the thermic tablets.

Description of thermic tablets

Thermic tablets are wooden tablets that come in pairs, with each pair varying in temperature. One tablet in each pair is warm, and the other is cold. The tablets are designed to help children develop their tactile sense, as well as their ability to discriminate temperature.

Overview of the different sets of thermic tablets

The thermic tablets come in four different sets as follows:

  1. Broad Tablets: The broad tablets contain six pairs of tablets, with each pair varying in temperature by a large degree.
  2. Narrow Tablets: The narrow tablets contain six pairs of tablets, with each pair varying in temperature by a small degree.
  3. Pressure Tablets: The pressure tablets contain four pairs of tablets that are identical in temperature, but vary in pressure.
  4. Graded Tablets: The graded tablets contain five pairs of tablets that vary in temperature by a small degree, but are also arranged in order of increasing temperature.

Using the thermic tablets, children learn to discriminate between different temperatures by feeling and comparing the temperature of each pair of tablets. The broad and narrow tablets help children develop their understanding of temperature differences, while the pressure and graded tablets help children understand the relationship between pressure and temperature.

Benefits of using thermic tablets in Montessori education

  • Development of classification and ordering skills
  • Development of scientific thinking
  • Enhancement of tactile sense

How to use thermic tablets in a Montessori classroom

Thermic tablets can be used in various ways in a Montessori classroom. The teacher can demonstrate how to use the tablets, and then the child can be given the opportunity to explore and play with them on their own. The teacher can also introduce activities that involve matching and sorting the tablets according to temperature.

In conclusion, thermic tablets are an essential sensorial material in Montessori education. Using thermic tablets, children develop their ability to discriminate temperature, which is crucial for the development of scientific thinking.

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