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Sharing - Essential life skill

Sharing is a crucial life skill that every child should learn. It not only helps them to make new friends but also teaches them about fairness, compromise, and cooperation. Additionally, it supports their communication skills by helping them express their needs, wants, and emotions.

If you are looking for a strong educational program that is based on a globally-acclaimed educational philosophy, consider looking for an early learning center near you. These centers provide children with the optimal learning environment and play a significant role in early childhood education, including helping children learn how to share.

Here are a few ways to encourage children to share:

  1. Be a good role mode: Children learn from watching and imitating their parents. Show them how to share by role-modeling it yourself.
  2. Practice sharing in daily life: Learning to share is a gradual process, and many children only understand the concept between the ages of three and four. Start practicing sharing at home with your child, for example, by playing board games that involve taking turns and cooperative play.
  3. Prepare your child for visitors: Before visitors come to your home, talk to your child about who will be visiting and what to expect. Also, talk to them before they go to a playdate, to remind them of the importance of sharing.
  4. Tell them the benefits of sharing: Communicate with your child and explain why sharing is good for them and others by giving them real-life examples
  5. Acknowledge and praise your child and others when they share: Show them that sharing is an important skill by praising them and others when they share.

It's important to note that learning to share is a gradual process and to have realistic expectations about a child's sharing skills based on their age. Parents play a vital role in encouraging children to learn this skill by being a good role model, practicing sharing in daily lives, preparing them for visitors, communicating the benefits of sharing and acknowledging their efforts.

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