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Why Kids Love Maths in Montessori Schools

Mathematics is an essential subject that lays the foundation for many of the skills we need to function in our daily lives. From counting money to solving complex equations, the ability to do maths is crucial. However, for many children, maths can be a daunting subject, and traditional teaching methods may not always be effective in helping them to learn. This is where the Montessori method of teaching maths comes in.

Here are some reasons why Montessori maths just makes sense:

  • Learning through experience: Montessori Maths emphasises learning through experience, which allows children to internalise concepts more effectively. Children work with materials that are specifically designed to help them understand mathematical concepts in a concrete way. They work with materials such as beads, rods, and cubes, which represent numbers and quantities. Through this process, children can see and touch mathematical concepts, making them more tangible and easier to understand.
  • Individualised learning: In Montessori Maths, learning is tailored to each child's individual needs. The teacher presents lessons to the child, and the child is then free to work with the materials at their own pace. The materials are designed to be self-correcting, which means that the child can see their own mistakes and correct them independently. This approach allows children to progress at their own pace and fosters a sense of independence and self-motivation.
  • Emphasis on problem-solving: Montessori Maths focuses on problem-solving rather than rote memorization. Children are encouraged to explore and discover mathematical concepts through hands-on activities. They are taught to think critically and to find solutions to problems independently. This approach not only helps children understand mathematical concepts more deeply, but it also helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are valuable throughout their lives.
  • Building a strong foundation: Montessori Maths provides children with a strong foundation in mathematics. Children are introduced to concepts such as numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a way that makes sense to them. They learn not only how to perform calculations, but also why those calculations work. This deep understanding of mathematical concepts provides children with a strong foundation that will serve them well as they progress to more advanced mathematics.
  • Making maths fun: Children enjoy working with the materials and discovering mathematical concepts for themselves. They are not simply memorising facts or performing calculations; they are exploring and discovering the beauty and logic of mathematics. This approach fosters a love of learning and a lifelong appreciation of mathematics.

In conclusion, Montessori Maths just makes sense because it allows children to learn through experience, tailors learning to individual needs, emphasises problem-solving, builds a strong foundation in mathematics, and makes maths fun. By providing children with a hands-on, self-directed, and exploratory approach to learning mathematics, Montessori education sets them up for a lifetime of success in maths and beyond.

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